Last update: 2020-01-07

Managed Services

Plan: $119/month/OS. 50% volume discount if 2-9 OSs, custom quotation if 10+ OSs
Setup: $300 one-shot/OS
Option On-Call 24x7: +$95/mo/OS
Option Disaster Recovery Platform: +$50/mo/OS
System Administration and On-Call Response: see "Consulting"

On-Call System Administration

Plan: 10% of each hosting invoice: AWS, Google Cloud Platform, …
Setup: $180 per contract
System Administration and On-Call Response: see "Consulting"


Remote System Administration: $90 per hour, 15-minute billing increments
Remote Software Architecture: $160 per hour, 1-hour billing increments
Option Emergency Response Time in less than 15 min: +50%, 1-hour billing increments
Option Out of Office Hours: +50%, 1-hour billing increments
Option On-Site: worldwide traveling and accommodation expenses + 50% of the hourly rate while traveling
Transparent Migration: $550 / source VM, one-shot


Base Plan: $29/month/server (or included in the Managed Services Plan)
Setup: $60 one-shot/server
Option 50GB of additional storage: $15/month/server
Option 1 additional million files: $19/month/server
Option 1 additional month of Storage Duration: $9/month/server
Option 1 additional backup per day: $19/month/server

Managed WordPress

Plan: $49/month/instance, special offer: $20/month/instance
Compliance: $425 one-shot / instance
Refactoring of the code preventing updates: starting at $300, request for quotation
Compliance after hacking: $450 one-shot per instance

SSL Certificates

Setup LetsEncrypt SSL: $90/certificate
LetsEncrypt SSL Management Plan: $271/y/certificate
SSL Standard 1 address Plan: $300/y/certificate
SSL Standard Wildcard ou 10 addresses multi-domains Plan: $475/y/certificate
SSL Pro 1 address warranty of $250k Plan: $450/y/certificate
SSL Pro Wildcard warranty of $250k Plan: $700/y/certificate
SSL Business 1 address warranty of $250k Plan: $999/y/certificate
SSL Business 5 addresses multi-dom warranty of $250k Plan: $1,500/y/certificate

VM Hosting

VM Hosting + 4GB RAM + 200GB Redundant Storage + 2-core CPU + 1Gbps + 1 IPv4 address: 40€/mo/VM Beta


IPv4 address on the ISVTEC network: $2/month/IP

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