Backup for Web Platforms

Securely outsource the Backup of your Web Platform, starting from $29/month

Our external backup package includes daily backup of your data on our platform located across two datacenters in France/Europe.

Storage in use on your server
Files stored on your server
How long to keep your backups?
Interval between each backup
Subscription $29/month
Setup fees $50

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your restore your data?
Our Experts are available by ticket and on the phone to restore your data.
What data can I restore?
I can restore a file, a folder, a SQL table, a full database, a web site, the full backup or any specific need.
Our Experts help you to identify the exact time of the data loss or corruption and the damage perimeter in order to proceed to the most appropriate operations.
How long does it take to restore your data?
The contract guarantees a maximum response time of 15 minutes and our Team does the best to respond immediately. The time needed to restore your data depends on the complexity of the job to be done and can go from 15 minutes for a simple task to several hours for a complex situation where the data loss perimeter needs to be identified and special care has to be taken not to damage the existing data.
How much cost a data restoration?
The time spent is charged under our Remote System Administration Consulting pricing, examples:
  • 30 minutes during office hours and without emergency: $45
  • 45 minutes on a Saturday night, in emergency: $202.50
Contact us for more information on our pricing.
What are the Experts working hours?
We are available 24x7x365!
What are the prerequisite?
  • Linux operating system
  • SSH 'root' access by key
  • One open port on the firewall
  • Install our rsync-based backup package
What is the Archive Policy?
  • During the 1st month, all backups are kept
  • From the 2nd to the 3rd months: 1 backup is kept per week
  • From the 4th to 12th months: 1 backup is kept per month

Do you have specific archive needs? Contact us

What is the downtime or service issues to expect during the system installation and during the backups?
None. Our system is designed to work with High Performance Web Platforms and it optimized not to create any downtime nor service issues.
What is the Storage Duration of your Backups?
It is the amount of time during which your Backups are kept in our Platform, example: a backup made on January 1st can be restored until June 30th if the Storage Duration is of 6 months.
How long should you store your backups?
A longer Storage Duration of your Backup will reduce your risk of losing data if you discover a long time after that your data has been deleted by a silent hacking, a backdoor or a silent corruption.
What is the Interval between Backups?
It is the time between each backup. The less interval, the less risk of losing data you take because the last backup will be more recent in case of restoration.
Is a Web User Interface available?
A Web User Interface is under development and will be available soon.

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