Managed WordPress

You outsource the security, monitoring update and proactive 24x7 support to Experts
  • Real time detection: intrusion, slow-down, anomaly and attack
  • Attack preventing: firewall, log analyzer
  • Instant 24x7 support by Experts for any detection or request from you
  • Detection of WordPress and plugin updates, creation of tickets for handling by the Experts
  • Transparent communication: stay informed about outages, support and resolutions at the exact same second as our Experts
  • Experts reachable 24x7 by tickets and telephone

Audit, requirements validation, compliance with the Standard Operating Platform: import of your WordPress in a staging and partitioned environment to allow you to validate our work before impacting the production. Full backup before any operation and rollback procedure for the unexpected. Scheduling with the Client for the best time to update the production.

Upgrade WordPress and its modules to the stable and up-to-date version or installation of a new WordPress.

Web site automated crawling and log control looking for fatal errors

Account Security Policy: nominative access, hard to crack passwords, delete unused accounts.

Network Security Policy: firewall to prevent DDOS and brute-force attacks.

Plugin Security Policy: configuration and removal of the dangerous plugins, installation and configuration of our security plugins

Tuning: optimization and configuration of WordPress, caching setup.

Setup of the Monitoring and Ticketing Platforms.

Internal Documentation.

This service is only billed one-shot at the beginning of the contract.

A code refactoring is required at the beginning of the contract only if modifications prevent the updates of WordPress, its plugins or themes.

This service is optional and is billed one-shot at the beginning of the contract, a quotation is required.

If WordPress was hacked before the beginning of the contract, it's required to remove the viruses, webshells, malwares and sometimes reinstall WordPress, its plugins and themes from scratch then import the data, plugins and the configuration.

This service is optional and is billed one-shot at the beginning of the contract, a quotation is required.


What is the difference between the "Managed Services" plan and the "Managed WordPress" plan?
The "Managed Services" plan ensure security, performance, backup, monitoring and 24x7 on-call support of the Operating System and all the system components like the HTTP and Email servers but does not cover the security and performance of the web applications like WordPress that you have deployed on your server as we don't have any control over it.

The "Managed WordPress" plan gets you covered of the security and performance risks and provides updates of WordPress and its plugins.

Are the "Managed WordPress" and "Managed Services" plans complementary?

What are the requirements?
A SSH 'root' access is required for the setup of the security and monitoring tools. The Operating System must be Linux based: Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), …

What are the supported hosting providers?
The plan is available to any hosting provider or hosting country: AWS,, OVH, …

What's a minor and major version of WordPress?
Each version of WordPress is split into three parts: 1.4.5; the first two (1.4) are the major version and the last (5) is the minor version.
The new minor versions like 1.4.6 and 1.4.7 include bug fixes but don't include new features whereas the new major versions like 1.5.0 and 1.6.0 bring new features and sometimes completely restructure the application.

What's the difference between an update and an upgrade?
An update is the evolution from a minor version to another whereas an upgrade is the evolution from a major version to another.

What's a DDOS attack?
It's a computer attack to attempt at rendering a service unreachable to its legitimate visitors.
This attack type is often called "DDOS" for "Distributed Denial of Service". Our security tools handle those attacks.

What's a brute-force attack?
It's a computer attack to attempt to discover a password by testing all the possible combinations at a very high speed. Our security tools handle those attacks.

Is the hosting service included in this plan?
The Best Practices require that the service management and the hosting are outsourced to distinct businesses in order for the Client to stay independent regarding its suppliers by having the benefits of the most competitive offer at all time. We can, however, provide a turn-key solution that includes both the service management and the hosting with our trusted and expert partners.


Excluded from the "Managed WordPress" plan, billed at $75/h:
  • WordPress upgrade, see FAQ
  • Coding, improvement, configuration or fix of WordPress or its plugins
  • Server Configuration, load testing
  • Backup, Restoration
  • Fix after Client's modification
Commitment: 1 month, automatic renewal
Payment method: monthly direct debit, yearly wire transfer, yearly check, monthly PayPal.
Prices excluding taxes. VAT for France: 20%; any other country: 0%.

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