GoManaged!: services for your peace of mind, and your team's too!

Our services packages cover scheduled file and database backups, real-time monitoring of your webplatform, access to our 24/7 Help-Desk and security update of your technological base.

You delegate daily operations and platform security to our team and we are supporting you through the major evolutions of your needs: load increase, optimization, new install etc.

Rely on our team to be able to focus on your core-business!

Managed Hosting
Filesystem and database backup
Support Phone Access with a ticket number
& Ticketing platform

Business hours (GMT+2)
Monthly professional support time
15 min.
Services monitoring
GRT h+4 business hours
Professional Insurance up to $165,000 (€150,000)
Server configuration and installation documentation
Web-based Administration Console
24/7/365 Support & Guaranteed Restoration Time h+1
Replication on our Disaster Recovery Platform
12 months

Decreasing offer

We offer a decreasing price depending on server / instances quantities. :

Server / instance quantity Rebate
From 3th to 10th server -20%
From 10th server and more -40%

Need more information, a quote or a discussion with us for specific needs? Give us a call +33-184-16-16-17 or send us a quick message.

Standard Operating Platform and optimization

From day one, we deploy our standard operating platform for you, including all tools needed to the daily operations of your applications:

  • Operating System
  • Web server, database and application server: Apache / MySQL / nginx
  • Optimization layers: Proxy, Cache etc.
  • Monitoring
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery Infrastructure and replication
  • Remote administration
  • Configuration optimization
  • Security policies definition
  • Firewall


We are offering transparent transfer of all the services on your current webserver to a new one. The migrated services can for instance be your website and its associated database or your mail server.

  • Comprehensive backup of your current installation
  • Standard Operating Platform deployment and configuration on the new server
  • Additional packages installation and configuration
  • Data initial copy
  • Services configuration on a temporary address
  • Functionnal recipe and validation on the temporary address
  • Data differential copy
  • Transparent proxy setup
  • Transparent services migration
  • DNS update

Need more information, a quote or a discussion with us for specific needs? Give us a call +33-184-16-16-17 or send us a quick message.

Proactive support and standby

Proactive standby and support are provided by our operating team 24/7/365 [*] in case of monitoring alert regarding your website, applications, server or hosting.


Automated tools will monitor your server 24/7 to ensure the proper operations of the following:

  • Hardware: Storage, Temperature, power levels, dual power supply
  • Operating System
  • Deployed software
  • Security Update
  • Attacks and Intrusions
  • Spam
  • Services response time
  • Load peeks
  • Disk Space
  • Network traffic
  • Available/Used memory
  • Backup status
  • etc.

Overall, more than a hundred different points can be checked every 30 seconds.

[*] depending on your subscription's SLA

Backup Policy

A tailored backup policy will be setup so that after any type of incident, your system, data or database can be restored.

All your server's files and database are saved between one and 4 times a day[*].

Backup is hosted on our secure services infrastructure, distributed and synchronized between 2 different datacenter (France). Our services infrastructure also hosts our Disaster Recovery Platform [*] enabling businesss continuity in the event of major incident at your hosting facility.


The standard backup policy is 30 sliding days, we can quickly restore your data up to 30 days before the incident.

Backup restore options:
  • Comprehensive restore
  • File system / Directory restore
  • Single file restore
  • Database restore
  • Single SQL table restore

On-demand, we also provide comparative research and restore according to specific dates to identify changes (configuration or files) impacting your server.

[*] depending on your subscription's SLA

Disaster Recovery Plan

Your server, or infrastructure, is replicated in real-time on our Disaster Recovery Platform, ensuring the continuity of your operations even in the event of a major outage of your main hosting facility (network or power outage, damaged hardware etc.).
This real-time replication allow us to restart your services directly on our infrastructure. This approach is for us the right balance between costs, complexity and availability.

In production since 2004 for numerous organizations we are working with, this solution has proven itself reliable and scalable.

On-demand Support

Our team is at your disposal, on demand, for system administration tasks such as:

  • User management
  • Tasks automation
  • Script redaction
  • New software deployment and configuration
  • Incident management and resolution
  • Firewall management
  • Log analysis and so on


Europe  : SEPA Direct Debit
Rest of the world: Paypal

Contractual commitment : 12 months

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75001 Paris, France

Phone: +33-184-16-16-17
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