Our advanced consulting services

Acquired through our experiences in server and web platform management, our specific know-how is at your full disposal.

Our offer

We deliver advanced consulting services either on-premise or remotely.

DRBD® is a registered trademark of LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH.
MariaDB® is a registered trademark of Monty Program Ab.
MySQL® is a registered trademark of Oracle Corp.

TV appearance or advertising? Viral Buzz? Official launch of your website? Industrialization of your platform?

The people we are working with are using our services to address different needs. Here is what you could use our services for:
  • Assess if your website will handle a very strong surge in traffic: TV report or TV ad, web campaign, viral buzz, etc.
  • Find the max number of connections that your website can handle, before officially opening it (B2C or B2B)
  • Identify your platform bottlenecks, to direct your development priorities and optimization targets (database, code, harware, network, etc.).
  • Size your future production infrastructure


Real-life traffic capture on production infrastructure
Performance analysis tools deployment on your servers
Staging server deployment
Load-testing analysis by typical trafic multiplicationon staging server
Bottleneck identification and ressource consumption assessment
Optimization and scalability report
Architecture recommandations
Infrastructure: Hardware and Network
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Web infrastructure Design and Architecture

Our team will go with you through all the needed steps to make the tight choices for your infrastructure needs:

  • Hosting recommentations: Private / Dedicated servers / Cloud
  • High-availability and/or redundancy architecture
  • Fonctional split between your application and system components: webfront, database, worker, static, storage etc.
  • PHP / Python code scalibilty assessment
  • Technology recommendations depending on your needs: cache layers, noSQL / SQL database backend etc.

Our role

  • Delivering pragmatic and actionnable recommendations, by working with your development team.
  • Design, deploy, launch in production and support your new infrastructure.


Tsung is an open source distributed load testing tool that we integrated in our scalability assessment package.
Would you be interested in Tsung support, or advanced consulting, feel free to contact us, we have been using Tsung and exchanging with core developer of the technology for several years.

Tsung can be used to assess the load-handling capacity of:
  • Web servers and web applications using HTTP / WebDav protocols
  • SOAP web services
  • SQL database and servers
  • XMPP messaging servers
  • LDAP authentication servers


Base of our Standard Operating Platform, the Debian OS is for ISVTEC a strategic investment. As such, we have been participating directly to the project being maintainers for several packages for the last 10 years.

We do are official Debian consultants, as referenced on the distribution site itself: https://www.debian.org/consultants/isvtec
We put our knowledge at your disposal in the following fields:

  • Specific Packaging
  • Upgrade path and migration projects
  • Large Scale Web Solutions Architecture
  • System Solutions Architecture: Interactive kiosk, dedicated usage etc...
  • Advanced performance configuration
  • Automated deployment
  • Central management

Debian is a registered trademark of Software in the Public Interest, Inc.

Database consulting

Over the last 10+ years, we worked on advanced configuration (clustering, performance enhancement etc.) of MySQL®/MariaDB® servers, either for customers of internal neeeds. We are today offering a specialized set of services:

  • Configuration optimization depending on your use cases
  • Replication, clustering and high-availability configuration accross multiple servers
  • Requests and data structure optimization
For very specific mandates, e.g. very large MySQL to PostgreSQL migration, we work directly with other specialized companies that we know will deliver professional services.

MariaDB® is a registered trademark of Monty Program Ab.
MySQL® is a registered trademark of ORACLE or one of its subsidaries.

DRBD® Consulting

We have been operating on a daily base, for 10+ years now, a 250+ servers architecture using DRBD, both for internal and customer's related needs.

We put our knowledge of the technology and its configuration at your disposal through remote or on-premise services packages.

DRBD® is a registered trademark of LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH.

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